Airbus A319/A320/A321 MPD rev 39 issued

Airbus has released the revision 39 of their single aisle maintenance planning document. This revision is not considered to be a significant one as the changes included will have a great impact on the planning activity.

This new MPD issue covers the requirements of the EASA airworthiness directives 2013-0146, 2013-0147 and 2013-0148 (ALS requirements).

Few figures to understand the scope of the revision: Total mpd controls: 3092 Revised controls: 938 Revised controls with revised interval: 158 (29 reducing and 31 extending). Revised controls with revised applicability: 353 New controls: 76 Deleted controls: 22

Reference intervals for C-checks remain at the same values (24 MO, 7500 FH, 5000 FC). Many of the changes are related to the new models incorporating sharklets, which require specific controls. As a real case study for one of our costumers only 4 controls ended up requiring customized implementation periods (range of MSN for this study 1300-2600).

In Aviation Island we expecto to be ready to control the single aisle fleet in accordance with the MPD39 requirements by end of August 2013.

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