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NPA 2010-09 PART M Subpart J- Contracting CAMO services

The Regulation permits some contracting of continuing airworthiness tasks by CAMOs to other approved or non-approved organisations, working under their quality system. However, it is considered that it does not reflect the practices which have existed within the industry for some years

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New long haul aircraft: main batteries ongoing discussions

B787 LOT

The use of new main lithium-ion batteries due to their higher power to size and weight ratio compared to traditional nickel-cadmium; have created great controversy in the industry. After, the two Boeing 787 APU battery incidents, the B787 fleet could

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American splits Airbus order equally between A319 and A321

American Airlines will split its order for 130 Airbus A320 family aircraft equally between the A319 and A321, says engine supplier International Aero Engines (IAE). The Fort Worth-based carrier will take 65 A319s with CFM International CFM56-5B engines and 65 A321s with IAE V2500-A5 engines, says Jon Beatty, president

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Spec 42 (Revision 2013.1) issued

For many years, the commercial aviation industry has been engaged in a major transition towards the ‘digital aircraft’. With the next generation of aircraft, the industry is moving towards the ‘connected aircraft’. This evolution is propelled by the need for

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